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Welcome to ePortfolio @ CityTech

ePortfolios @ CityTech is forum to contribute in the development of the ePortfolio program. We are aiming to begin to use this open source CMS platform beginning in Fall 2011.

This is an opportunity for those who are currently creating ePortfolios in the classroom to familiarize themselves with WordPress and BuddyPress.

Paul King, Natasha Marcano, and Dan Wong are working with Karen Lundstrem to customize the functionality based on the needs of faculty and students who create online portfolios.

What School and Department Do You Belong?

What school and department do you teach at CityTech?  What courses do you teach?  Every school, department, and course has unique needs. There may be similarities in coursework needs across departments that may differ within a department. Let us know how we can develop the platform to suit your requirements.

How Do You Use ePortfolios in Your Courses?

What features are necessary for your students to create successful, useful, professional online profiles of themselves?

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